Annapolis Park Child Development Center provides an academically enriching Christian environment. Our program is based on the use of developmentally appropriate practices. This environment provides opportunities for children to reach their full potential.



Preschool Program (2.5 – 3 years of age)

  • Through our program we support continuous growth and discovery in toddlers, we encourage a “can do” approach to promote and enhance self-help skills using bible principles.
  • Our program provides a balanced curriculum that incorporate teacher and child initiated activities, fine and gross motor fun.
  • Children are introduced to exciting sensory experiences.
  • Our program encourages and understands that children learn at their own pace in a developmentally appropriate setting based on best practices



Preschool (3 – 4 years of age)

  • Our Preschool program offers a variety of activities to  prepare children for Kindergarten
  • Our program provides scheduled planned activities including prayer and daily devotions.
  •  Our daily schedules are balanced with free time to create a developmentally appropriate setting that enhances the preschoolers learning.
  • Our program strives to provide a safe and caring environment for children, while meeting their individual creative, emotional, intellectual, physical and social needs.
  • We believe in offering choices for children giving them a sense of confidence and self-control.
  • We encourage discovery, individuality, kindness, teamwork and success.
  • Our educational curriculum is aligned with core standards for Kindergarten providing math, literacy, science, creative arts and social science activities.



 Pre-K (4-5 years of age)

  • Our  Pre-K program  seeks  to provide  a foundation to lifelong  learning.
  • Our goal is to help children become independent,  confident, curious learners using bible principles.
  • We help children develop good routines, a love for learning and knowledge of God.
  • Our hands curriculum is designed to promote the creativity, emotional support along with physical and social development for children.
  • Our program provides a learning environment where children feel comfortable, build trust  and develop friendships.
  •  Our curriculum builds on your child’s cognitive, social and emotional needs in preparation for the Kindergarten.



Before and After School (5 – 12 years of age)

  • Our before and after school program provides the school aged children a safe, fun Christian environment before and/or after school. Children will receive homework assistant, breakfast and dinner. Children can unwind and engage in activities before going home. The school aged program is also available for full time care during breaks and the summer months.